Short Workshops and Masterclasses

Short Workshops are designed to help you learn particular aspects of the process of painting an icon. They are also perfect for artists that would like to introduce some of the techniques used in icon painting or/and Egg Tempera.  They are perfect for those with some experience that would like to deepen and master their practice. We have more than 17 years of experience working with more advanced practitioners and love helping you take your work to another level.

Chose from Workshops and Masterclasses.

Traditional Gesso Making - Online Masterclass

You can now buy a recording of the workshop.


2 sessions spread over 2-hour sessions. You will have to work in between as the process requires waiting and drying.


This online workshop will guide you through the process of making traditional gesso. You can use this to create a surface for egg tempera and other techniques on wooden or MDF, plywood surfaces.

Gesso making is a very important part of the process of creating an icon or any other egg tempera painting. It will create a very durable surface that will last centuries.


This is a Zoom Class and recording will be available after the Class so you can access it if you can’t attend live.

This workshop will include guidance on:

  1. How to prepare a primer and prime your panel
  2. How to put on a gauze onto the face of your panel
  3. How to make your own traditional gesso
  4. How to apply thin gesso layers and how many you need
  5. How to sand your gesso before painting

Materials that you will need:

  1. Panel – wooden, MDF, or plywood. Plywood or MDF needs to be at least 18 mm thick. You can buy a wooden board here–legno-plain-panels-240-c.asp If you are outside the UK please let us know if you need any advice on what panels are suitable.
  2. Gauze – you can buy it in any Pharmacy.
  3. Gelatine – you can buy it in most supermarkets.
  4. Whiting or Bologna Chalk or Chalk from Champagne. Buy whiting here BUY WHITING
  5. Hard large brush that is not too precious to you like Hard Hair Round or Flat Brush
  6. Old credit/debit card or any membership card that you no longer use.

Gold Gilding Workshop

Cost £160


We will focus on Oil Gilding.


More information soon.

If you are interested you can contact us to secure your space.

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