Individual tuition

With flexible options, you can design the best program that will meet your needs and make you comfortable. In the friendly and cozy atmosphere of the small art studio, you can forget about everyday troubles and lose yourself in creativity. Icon painting is a very meditative practice. It helps to find stillness and silence in this very fast and noisy world. There are no limits to what you can achieve here. As a teacher, I believe that we all can be creative and create. We just need a welcoming, accepting, and encouraging environment. If you have no experience in any art you are more than welcome to join one of the courses or classes. If you are experienced or have some experience you can learn a new technique and find new ways to grow as an artist.

If you want to see the process and try it yourself book a demonstration and taster.


Individual tuition is also a possibility. Just email or call Basia (+447565144722) and we will design the best program for you.


What you need to know before you start:

  • No experience is needed.
  • All materials are provided but buying your own brushes at some point is advisable.
  • You might want to search for images of icons or other images before you come to your first class. You can print it and bring it with you to use as a reference.
  • If you prefer to come and talk before you sign up please know you are always welcome. Just email or call to arrange the studio visit.

Individual Tuition. Developing Your Own Style.

The individually tailored program focused on the stages of the process of writing an icon.

This tuition will be perfect for those who would like to develop their own style within the tradition of iconography.

You will be learning Russian Style in Iconography but this will be only your starting point.

You will be working on finding your own voice by

  • line and shape pencil exercises
  • practising brush marks and blending
  • working with colour in a more contemporary way

You will be working on the icon of Mary. (Image above. Written by Basia Mindewicz). One of the most important icons. You will be encouraged to develop a connection with Mary through your work.



You will be guided through all stages of work, including:

  • preparation of egg medium
  • mixing colours and preparing paints
  • application of paint using thin layers
  • building shapes using lights
  • oil gold gilding

This tuition includes

  • 9 hours of virtual tuition
  • detailed program of exercises to work on developing your own style
  • guidance on how to progress with work on your icon

Who is it for:

  • those who painted at least one icon (not necessarily with us) or
  • those who have some experience with painting or another form of art.

Dates are to be arranged individually. Sessions are valid and must be set within 5 months from the purchase.

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