Weekend workshops

With flexible options, you can design the best program that will meet your needs and make you comfortable. In the friendly and cozy atmosphere of the small art studio, you can forget about everyday troubles and lose yourself in creativity. Icon painting is a very meditative practice. It helps to find stillness and silence in this very fast and noisy world. There are no limits to what you can achieve here. As a teacher, I believe that we all can be creative and create. We just need a welcoming, accepting, and encouraging environment. If you have no experience in any art you are more than welcome to join one of the courses or classes. If you are experienced or have some experience you can learn a new technique and find new ways to grow as an artist.

Weekend workshops

Sessions 2023

Cost £160 for 1 weekend


Invitation to spend the whole weekend taking in the depth of the tradition of iconography with its spirituality and techniques. And techniques and skills are important so you can express what is spiritual and understand the theology of iconography as well.


During the weekend depending on your experience and your needs we will create a plan for what you can achieve and discover in one weekend or if you decide in 3 weekends.


All are welcome and no experience is required.



All materials are provided.

Students will be guided through the initial stages of the process of creating an icon. With a short introduction to the tradition of iconography, students will explore the technique of egg tempera. Learn to make egg yolk binding medium and mix paints using dry pigments.
All paintings will be created on MDF panels covered with thin layers of gesso.

Students who decide to book only one weekend will learn the basic principles of the technique:

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