A persone painting an icon during our art class at Edinburgh School of Icon Painting.

About our school

The Edinburgh School of Icon Painting was founded in September 2013. Since then, it has been shaping and developing. Our mission is to make icon painting and art, in general, more accessible. We want to help our students find the courage and become confident in their own style.

Our School supports students in developing creative confidence by teaching them the foundation of icon painting techniques and methods. We help our students find courage in finding their voice within the tradition through various courses open to all levels.

Our courses are open to all, regardless of their experience in drawing or painting.

We are a key partner of Edinburgh Palette.

Our team

Basia Mindewicz

Basia was born in 1978 in Warsaw and is an icon painter and contemporary artist. She was trained in Poland in the College dedicated to iconography. She was studying ancient techniques of egg tempera and gold gilding. For many years she has been mainly working in a very traditional style learning the icon language. When she came to Edinburgh, she started exploring other “languages” searching for more personal and contemporary ways of depicting parallel reality. Her artistic development reveals the truth about who we are and what we need to become whole. Icon painting as a spiritual practice grows in silence and stillness.

Basia Graduated from The Maria Grzegorzewska Academy of Special Education, MA and College of Iconography (Policealne Studium Ikonograficzne) in Bielsk Podlaski in 2008.She has been working for a significant icon painting workshop in Poland and organized many private workshops and residential courses.

Workshops in Poland:

  • Droga Ikony (The way of Icon) http://www.drogaikony.org.pl/
  • Studium Chrzescijanskiego Wschodu (School of Eastern Christianity)
  • Founder of Edinburgh School of Icon Painting.

Workshops organized or co-organized by other organizations in the UK

  • Retreat at Craig Lodge Family House of Prayer, May 2015.
  •  3-day workshop at the Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre, march 2016
  • ”Art of Icon. Art of Life” retreat at Hacienda Los Olivos in Spain, May 2016. http://www.haciendalosolivos.org/
  • Workshop at The Bield Retreat House near Perth.


anka janas profile picture

Anka Janas

Hi there, I’m Anka, a user experience designer. While collaborating with Basia, I’m responsible for digitalising the delivery of the icon painting course. Also, being an art lover and creative soul myself, I’m very excited to influence shaping of The Edinburgh School of Icon Painting!

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