Gold Gilding Workshop

Short gold gilding workshop. Zoom recording of the workshop.
Learning Oil Gold Gilding and so-called “Susło” which is an old Russian technique used in application of gold leaf to create gold decorations.

This is an online two hour workshop on Zoom. Link will be send after registration. Participants will need to work outside of workshop time.

Participants will recive aditional videos with demonstrations and instructions.

Time is estimated – we can’t predic these processes and the times are hugely dependent on the temperature and humidity.



Recording of an Online Zoom Short Workshop.



Required Materials

– transfer gold leaf here Buy a medium one,

– gold oil size – the smallest one,

– hard brush – bristle brush size 3 or size 4 here BRUSH ,

– shellac – the smallest container- here,

– turpentine for cleaning brushes.

– gesso panel – you can buy from us or gessoboard online.

– dark beer and a small sintetic or Sable brush – size 1 or 2.




Please let us know if you need any advice on materials.



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